Kevin tries his best to be around when Joe is with Sally. He is annoyed by the way Joe monopolises Sally. He tells Joe that they've had enough of his problems. Sally is upset by his attitude. Denise is depressed about her financial situation. When she discovers Audrey used to run a salon, Denise offers her a partnership with a £3,000 investment. Audrey refuses, saying that Alf would never invest in it. Curly takes the credit for a wine promotion which Elaine Fenwick has set up. Mrs Rogers commends him. Des frames the photo of Derek in tennis rackets behind the Rovers' bar. Kevin tells Martin what Hazel Broughton said. Kevin is certain that Hazel was lying. Martin advises him to tell Sally. Derek enjoys seeing his photo up and jokes along with Des, putting a plastic spider in his beer. Des plays along but wishes that he'd never started the thing. Kevin intends to tell Sally but changes his mind when she thanks him for standing up for her against Joe. He knows that she loves him.


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Deirdre Barlow: "Emily, it's times like this I'm glad I live where I do. I mean, suppose I had no job or I was stuck in a flat on me own somewhere? It might not be much round 'ere but at least I know everybody."

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