Reg does a spot check on the store, finding plenty to fault. Alf refuses to honour the OAP vouchers that Brendan issued. He upsets Betty by refusing hers, causing her to storm off. Phyllis invites Percy round to her house for Christmas but he says he's busy. Deirdre feels helpless as Tracy packs her bags and leaves with Craig. Tracy tells her that she's never coming back. Ken is shocked but promises Deirdre he'll try to get Tracy to move back in. He is stunned when Deirdre tells him she doesn't care if she returns or not; the more she makes an effort the more Tracy resists her. Deirdre determines to get on with her own life. Vera visits Terry in Strangeways for the last time before his release and makes plans for their future together. Maureen threatens to let everyone know about her fling with Curly if Reg doesn't stop ignoring her. Kevin is optimistic about the court case when he realises that Steve is going to take the blame. Maureen tells Reg that Curly is only half the man he is and begs him to understand. She talks him round by pointing out that she is vulnerable and needs him. Reg saves face by refusing to give Curly the satisfaction of stopping the wedding. Denise tells Don about Hanif having her calls traced. She tells him that she wants the nutter nailed.


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