Kevin goes to court assuring Sally that he'll be let off lightly and that Steve has promised to pay his fine. The McDonalds and Websters go to court. Deirdre is certain that Tracy will be able to take care of herself. Ken is surprised when Deirdre invites him to tea. Kevin is stunned when Steve's barrister blames him for leading Steve astray. The judge sentences Steve to two hundred-hours community service and fines Kevin £800. Kevin is furious at Steve letting him be treated so badly. He refuses to let Steve pay his fine, saying that he no longer wants anything from him. The McDonalds celebrate. Don advises Denise to stop the search for the caller as the police might get involved. She refuses, enjoying the thought that she is after the caller rather than the other way round. Steve has a £200 fine and no licence for six months because of the traffic offences. Phyllis and Betty are furious by Alf ignoring the vouchers. Percy takes up the cause. Deirdre and Ken are both surprised when she feels so comfortable with him she calls him "love". Liz has to cover with Vicky when Steve takes a phone call from Alison. Kevin feels that he's going to have to work all his life just to survive. He accuses Sally of pushing him too hard all the time.


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