Sally's sick of Kevin's whinging and realises that she needs a break. Joe takes her and the kids out to celebrate Rosie's birthday. Once again he offers Sally a home with him but she insists she loves Kevin. Steve can't make deliveries for Mike now he's banned from driving but Mike's puzzled by how readily the lad accepts a drop in wages. Percy and Phyllis bring in the Gazette to investigate Alf's refusal to accept discount vouchers from OAPs. Alf's furious and threatens to sue. Denise discovers which number the mystery phone calls have been coming from and when she challenges Ivy, Don confesses. Ivy refuses to acknowledge it was love for Denise that drove him to do it and begs him to remember that he's still married to her.


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Phyllis Pearce: "By gum, I've met some tight people in my time Alf Roberts, but you make a fish's bum look like t'Mersey Tunnel."

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