Vera wraps Tommy's presents whilst Terry takes him for a walk. Gail grows concerned for Ivy so Ivy tells her about Don pestering Denise. Gail comforts her. Des gives Jack a present to give to Tommy. Terry delivers Tommy to the Hortons. They are annoyed to discover that he hasn't told the Duckworths and demand he tells them, worried that they'll be accused of snatching Tommy, or the deal's off. Jeff Horton goes with Terry to No.9. Vera is stunned when Terry explains he wants Tommy to live with the Hortons. Terry tries to make out he's doing the best for Tommy by giving them to the Hortons as Jack and Vera are too old, but Jack doesn't believe him for a second. He tells Terry that he knows he's sold his son and he's only done it to help himself, then punches him, telling him he's no longer his son. He throws Jeff and Terry out despite Vera's pleas. Des is stunned to watch the scene as Terry, Jeff and Tommy drive away with a desperate Vera running after the car. Following Deirdre's suggestion, Alf gives a load of food to Emily for Crisis at Christmas. Bet throws a party for friends at the Rovers after hours. Bet tells Steve that she'll be after him if he hurts Vicky by seeing another girl. Ivy is distraught to find Don isn't at his daughter's house. She tells Gail she fears that he'll try to kill himself. Audrey gets drunk at Bet's party and passes out in the bar. Distraught, Vera sobs over Tommy's presents.


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Steve McDonald: "Did yer...want to say something, Bet?"
Bet Gilroy: "Yes I did, love. I think I wanted to say... Personally, I wouldn't trust you as far as I could throw you. Only a little bird tells me that you've got another little bird on the side. Now, you don't have to say whether I'm well-informed but I'll warn yer, if you damage that little bird's wings, I shall pluck yer, stuff yer and roast yer. Give your mum my love."

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