Reg and Maureen go off on honeymoon. Audrey is annoyed when Alf refuses to spend money now they're retired. She accuses him of being stingy. Denise has the picture valued and finds it's worth £120. Vera decides it'll be worth having the pot dog valued. Kevin offers to buy the painting back from Denise for £5, explaining about the mistake. She agrees to let him have it back. Sally is horrified when she learns it's worth £120. Vera has the dog valued at £45, a pair would be worth £185. Reg and Maureen relax in the Lake District. She is moved when he makes her phone Maud to check on her. Martin takes Maud in the Rovers where Percy tries to make conversation with her. She rebuffs him, telling him that he reminds her of this boring man she once met in the Legion who spent a boring night talking about how he cooked for Monty under fire in the desert in the War. Sally offers Denise the picture back but she refuses it. They agree to sell it and split the profits. Ken tells Liz that the brewery had no right to make her choose between The Queens and Jim. He encourages her to seek compensation.


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  • TV Times synopsis: While the Holdsworths honeymoon, Martin takes care of Mrs Grimes. Will she prove too much to handle?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 18,840,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
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