Alf is depressed on his last day at the shop. Jack thinks he has a winning certainty but no money to bet with. Whilst she lets the Electricity man into Tanya's flat, Alma noses around the place. Reg puts his flat on the market. He gets Kevin to trade his mini in for a van. Alma is puzzled as Tanya's flat doesn't look lived in and realises that she must be using it as a love nest. She worries she's on the game. Raquel is thrilled with Ben Cunningham's photographs. Jack sells the pot dog for £25. Vera passes the antique shop on Nightingale Street and sees it. Thinking it'll make a pair she buys it for £48. Jack is horrified when his horse falls. Vera is furious when she realises that she's bought her own dog back. He tries to run away but she hurls the dog at him and it smashes against a wall. Ivy is thrilled when Don moves back into her bed.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Don and Jack both make momentous decisions. Which one lives to regret it?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 18,420,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).

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Reg Holdsworth (watching Vera Duckworth chase Jack): "That, my dear, is the unenjoyable in full pursuit of the unemployable."

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