Maud feels she really does not want to leave her house to live in a converted garage. When the buyers, Mr and Mrs Magill, turn up to take measurements she tells them the house has been sold. The Gazette prints the story of the burglary at Weatherfield Comprehensive but Derek's name isn't mentioned. Mr and Mrs Magill complain to the Holdsworths who promise to sort Maud out. Ken hears that Fiona has been asking questions about him and tells her it's none of her business how old he is. Business is bad for Steve so he has to borrow money in order to give Mike the rent on the print shop. Tanya is furious when her lover, Alex Christie, drinks in the Rovers. He is equally angry that one of his workers - Des - is often in the pub and she didn't warn him. Des persists in asking Raquel out, asking her to break her date with Erik Mikaelson. He promises her he'll never use her again. She realises he is serious about her and agrees to dump Erik. Furious at Fiona, Denise apologises to Ken for her behaviour. He is flattered that she thinks he looks good for his age. She is amazed when he asks her out for a meal. Reg rows with Maud but she begs him to see she wants to stay in her house. She tells him she's sold the house to Weatherfield Financial Services on the understanding that she can live in it, with an income, until she dies. Maureen is horrified as she's the one who's been paying the mortgage for years even though the deeds were in Maud's name alone.


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Maud Grimes (about Reg Holdsworth): "He's only ninepence in the bob."

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