Episode 3705
Episode 3705
Production code P694/2705
ITV transmission date 30th May 1994 (Monday)
Story associates Gillian Creswell
Jan McVerry
Christopher Reason
Writer Ken Blakeson
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Robert Khodadad
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 27th May 1994
Next episode 1st June 1994


Charlie is in hospital in Newbury after his lorry is hijacked. Derek is annoyed when Kevin refuses to sell the car for him. Kevin points out that it's a heap of junk. Bet worries about Charlie, especially when he discharges himself. Ronnie Williams takes Steve to Beverley Racecourse and teaches him how to bet and not waste money. Derek pays Nicky £5 to clean the car and is impressed by the good job he does. Bet is relieved when Charlie turns up in one piece. He fears his reputation will be ruined. Bet forces him to sleep as he's dizzy. Steve is thrilled to win £200 on one race. Denise is relieved when Ken tells her that he's not looking for a wife. He is pleased when she says that she doesn't want to throw away what they have. Jim warns Steve that he's bound to lose sometimes. Ken agrees not to tell anyone about the baby for the first three months.


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