Episode 3708
Episode 3708
Production code P694/2708
ITV transmission date 6th June 1994 (Monday)
Story associates Gillian Creswell
Gary Brown
Christopher Reason
Writer Julian Roach
Designer Christopher Walker
Director David Penn
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 3rd June 1994
Next episode 8th June 1994


Denise is shocked when Ken admits he told Deirdre about the baby. Jim wins £50 on the Premium Bonds. Percy, Maud and Maureen visit the cemeteries on D-Day. Percy weeps at the graves of old comrades. Ron Williams warns Steve that he could lose all his money. He tells Steve that he's teaching him everything out of vanity. Maud takes Maureen to the American cemetery and points out Leonard "Danny" Kennedy's grave, saying he was her real father. Maureen is stunned at the revelation. Jim finds out that Liz has given Steve £500 out of her compensation money. Maud tells Maureen that she wants her to know the truth about her father before she dies. Maureen is amazed she's kept it to herself for nearly fifty years. Charlie is insulted when Bet asks him if he had anything to do with the hijack. Jim realises that Steve has been betting with the £500 and accuses him of conning it out of Liz. When Steve gives Jim cheek Jim hits him. Ken is annoyed when Deirdre refers to Denise as a slut. He asks her to keep quiet about the baby. Liz is horrified to find Jim and Steve have been fighting. Steve returns the £500, saying that he's won thousands and he's moving out.


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