Des is still ranting to Alex, telling him to leave - Alex doesn't realise what is going on. Unseen by Des, Raquel arrives and hears everything. The poker game at Curly's is still going on. Raquel runs to the Rovers, gets Bet out of bed and tells her everything. Meanwhile Alex is getting ready to leave and is calling Tanya names. He and Des start fighting - it continues in the cafe. When Alex leaves Des thinks that it's all okay but Tanya tells him its all over and that he has ruined everything. Des leaves. Bet lets Raquel stay the night and the next day she tells her Tanya is sacked and Des is barred. Alma and Gail arrive at the cafe - Alma goes to see Tanya and tells her she has to leave even though she and Alex have split up. Bet and Raquel go to collect her clothes - Des isn't there. Charlie arrives at the Rovers before Bet can talk to him properly. Tanya arrives - she insists that Bet talk to her. She tells her that she and Alex have finished, that its Des's fault, that he blackmailed her and hit her. Raquel believes it all - Bet still has her doubts.


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