Jim tells Steve that he doesn't want them to be enemies. Rita leaves for Blackpool with the Websters, telling Mavis to ask Alf for help if she needs it. Bet tells Tanya that she should start looking for another job. Alex is furious to find Des at work. He sacks him so Des threatens him with a tribunal. Bet is delighted when Charlie calls; she puts him to work behind the bar. Rita enjoys herself in Blackpool, playing with Rosie. Des apologises to Tanya and is horrified to see her bruised face. She tells him that he did it in the fight. He tells her that he's crazy about her but she isn't interested. The Websters and Rita are put out when their landlords, the Murdochs, row all the time. Curly is disgusted with the way Des has treated Raquel and offers her his support. Steve accepts a drink from Jim. Mavis struggles alone at The Kabin but refuses to ask Alf for help as he will take over. Kevin is furious when the Murdochs hoover at midnight. He tells Sally that they'll find somewhere else to stay.


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Alma Baldwin (referring to Tanya Pooley): “And that one, she can pack her traps. Little Miss Margarine up there.”
Gail Platt: “Miss Margarine?”
Alma Baldwin: “Yes that's what Mike calls her, the way she spreads herself about.”

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