Episode 371
Episode 371
Production code P228/371
ITV transmission date 8th July 1964 (Wednesday)
Stories by Harry Driver
George Reed
Writer John Finch
Designer Peter Caldwell
Director Michael Beckham
Producer Tim Aspinall
Previous episode 29th June 1964
Next episode 13th July 1964


The residents prepare the Mission for the bazaar. Florrie asks Ken's advice on the wage packet. He advises her to send it back to the factory in Ireland. Elsie tells Irma that if she doesn't want to live with her parents, she can lodge with her. Alfred Wormold offers No.13 to the Ogdens for £600 but they agree on £575. Len is shocked to hear how much Wormold has conned the Ogdens out of. Stan and wife Hilda look round the house and he puts £200 down, taking out a mortgage on the rest. Swindley worries about a downturn at Gamma Garments. Irma can't see how six of them will cope in the house. Swindley measures Len for his best man's suit. The Ogdens meet the regulars in the Rovers. Irma tells a worried Elsie that the Street won't know what's hit them when her family move in.


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