Reg is jealous to learn Bettabuy is introducing a share option scheme for management. He tells Ken that he should buy his flat at No.12, saying he'll reduce the price for him as he wants the flat at No.15a as a store room. Deirdre helps Mavis out at The Kabin. Steve spends £2,000 on a second hand XR2i Fiesta. He uses it to impress Fiona who agrees to go for a ride with him. Rita loses Rosie in the pleasure beach. Rosie tells a policeman and is reconciled with the Websters. Sally tells her off for running away. Steve plans to take someone on, cash in hand, at the unit. Ken is impressed with No.12 when Reg shows him around but tells him he has no intention of buying it. Reg suggests he rents it. Deirdre shows her holiday photos of Samir Rachid to Liz. Vera agrees to go dancing with Lester.


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