Episode 3724
Episode 3724
Production code P694/2724
ITV transmission date 13th July 1994 (Wednesday)
Story associates Gillian Creswell
Gary Brown
Tom Elliott
David Millard
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Brian Mills
Mervyn Cumming
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 11th July 1994
Next episode 15th July 1994


Vera is sad that she's having to go home but feels she won't be opening herself to temptations. Lester tells her that it's made his summer having her around for the week. She is alarmed by his sincerity. Don lives a bachelor's life as Ivy goes to a religious retreat. Mike gives Steve a water rates bill. Denise collapses in the Salon. Fiona rushes for Ken but Denise shrugs the faint off. She tells them that she doesn't want any fuss. Maureen is fed up when Reg keeps going to the cash and carry. Lester talks Vera into staying on in Blackpool for a few more days. Ken tells Denise that he's willing to rent No.12 but wants her opinion, assuring her that he's not expecting her to join him. Mike is jealous of Steve's flash car and ready money. Reg is thrilled when Ken agrees to rent No.12. Vera is put out when Jack doesn't seem to mind if she's away for another week. Maud suggests to Maureen that Reg might be seeing another woman. Maureen quickly convinces herself this is true. Deirdre writes a love letter to Samir Rachid. Vera is horrified when Rita and the Websters see Lester kissing her.


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