Derek belittles Mavis's art by saying it's a pathetic attempt to express herself. Des agrees to manage Sean's new Betting Shop on Rosamund Street. Charlie tells Vicky that he'll keep quiet about her rave if she doesn't tell Bet about his court case. Mavis and Emily enjoy painting on the outing to Rivington Pike in Saddleworth and befriend librarian Roger Crompton. Mavis finds Roger attentive and gives him tips on his work. Derek cuts the lawn at No.4 by hand with shears to prove to Mavis that he cares for her. Deirdre is thrilled when Emily writes her a cheque for £300, assuming she wants money to pay bills. Deirdre accepts the money guiltily. Mavis is touched by the lawn and the salmon dinner Derek has prepared for her. He tells her that she is the light of his life.


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