Deirdre fears that Samir won't like her anymore but he is thrilled to see her again. Martin makes an attempt to befriend Nicky but all he wants to do is have a new computer system. Curly lusts after Paula and is pleased when Andy assures him that he's no longer interested in her. Curly tells Paula he'll help her up the Bettabuy career ladder if she'll have a drink with him. She isn't interested in either him or Bettabuy. Vera tells her that Curly is obviously sexually harassing her. Alf and Audrey attend a black pudding tasting contest to choose a pudding to represent Weatherfield in France and bring contestant Fred Elliott back to the Rovers afterwards. Martin catches Nicky packing his computer games up to sell. He tries to stop him but Nicky tells him that he has no right. Martin gets drunk to shut out his problems. Don tells Martin that Nicky has obviously found his weak spot - Brian. Vera tells Curly she's disgusted with him for leering after Paula and abusing his position. Gail is upset when Martin confiscates Nicky's computer games. Sarah Louise is disturbed to hear Nicky say that Martin is not his dad.


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Gail Platt (to Audrey Roberts): “Listen, when I was fifteen, I was the adult - you were the teenager.”


Tanya Pooley: “Don’t you think it’s time we made up?”
Des Barnes: “Do you think I’ve had a lobotomy or what?”

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