Episode 3747
Episode 3747
Production code P694/2747
ITV transmission date 5th September 1994 (Monday)
Story associates Gillian Creswell
Marina O'Loughlin
David Millard
Writer Frank Cottrell Boyce
Designer Tim Farmer
Director Michael Owen Morris
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 2nd September 1994
Next episode 7th September 1994


Bet dreams that Raquel is in trouble and begins to worry about her. Jack dreams he was banged on the head, he takes it as an omen to back "Blunt Instrument". Curly is fed up when Andy gets a glowing management assessment. Andy isn't impressed by it as he doesn't want to be stuck at Bettabuy. Martin suspects that Nicky is being awkward as he's having problems at school. He gets a copy of his maths book to see if he can help. Jack puts the electricity money on "Blunt Instrument" and loses it all. He tries to cancel the bet with Des but is too late. Curly asks Paula not to unsettle Andy with talk of Indian holidays. He tells her how important he feels it is to provide good food for people. Martin tries to help Nicky with his maths homework but Nicky resents his interference, saying he's not thick. Gail orders Martin out of the house when he calls Nicky a spoilt brat. Andy buys a second-hand car. He gets annoyed when Curly tells his parents about his good standing at Head Office. Vera goes for Jack when she realises that he's gambled the electric money away. Martin and Curly get drunk together. Curly gives him a boring lecture about barcodes. Bet rings the modelling school and discovers that Raquel's course finished two weeks ago. Charlie feels uncomfortable by the way Bet cares nothing for Tanya. Drunken Martin tells Gail he'll try harder with Nicky as he loves her.


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