Curly is horrified to see Paula and Andy leaving No.11 together in the morning. Ken tells Gail he'll find out for her if Gary Ryan is a bad influence. Deirdre and Samir spend his last day at home together. Andy tells Curly that he didn't plan to take Paula away from him. Curly accuses him of setting him up. Fred Elliott gives Alf best steak before asking for the tender for school meals. Alf gets angry and tells him he'll get no more Council tenders. Charlie tires of his rig and decides to sell it. Ken gives Samir a farewell present - a book on Lancashire. He tells Deirdre that he likes Samir. Alf asks the Chief Executive not to untwin. He is congratulated on being magnanimous. Gail is stunned to learn that Nicky is deemed a bad influence on Gary. Don sees that Nicky is fed up at home and lets him eat at No.5 to get some space. Charlie tries to buck Tanya up when Bet continues to put her down. At the airport, Deirdre breaks down, telling Samir it's obvious that once he gets on the plane they'll never see each other again as they have no money. Don convinces the Platts to let Nicky spend the night with him to give them all a break. Deirdre is delighted when Samir lets his plane leave without him.


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