Emily isn't sure about her wedding dress. She isn't sure about the idea of sleeping with Swindley. He books the honeymoon in North Wales. Stuart tries to make Swindley see Emily would like to live in a new house. The men get a kitty going to buy drinks to get Swindley drunk. Ena feels that Swindley will drive Emily into an early grave. The bachelor party turn up at Swindley's. Emily tells Ken that she knows Swindley doesn't love her. Ena, Minnie and Hilda prepare the Mission Hall for the wedding. Emily's brother is stuck in Germany and can't give her away.


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  • A strike by members of the ACTT (Association of Cinematograph Television and Allied Technicians) union began at midnight on Tuesday 30th June which continued until 7.55pm on Monday 6th July and prevented the recording of Episodes 372 and 373 which were abandoned. The previous episode to this was therefore Episode 371 (8th July 1964) whose own transmission had been delayed from 1st July.
  • TV Times: No synopsis appeared in the magazine for this or the next episode.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,929,000 homes (2nd place).

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Annie Walker: "I can never understand why the conversation in this bar gets so degrading whenever there's a marriage in the offering".


Ena Sharples: "It's a travesty of the marriage service. Leonard Swindley has never loved, honoured or obeyed anybody in 'is life apart from 'imself".

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