Episode 3769
Episode 3769
Production code P694/2769
ITV transmission date 26th October 1994 (Wednesday)
Story associates Gillian Creswell
Marina O'Loughlin
David Millard
Writer Martin Allen
Designer Tim Farmer
Director John Gorrie
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 24th October 1994
Next episode 28th October 1994


Derek feels he's been pushed out by Roger Crompton. Norris becomes alarmed at the prospect of being stuck with Derek and suggests he moves away to escape Mavis's infidelity. Ken asks Don to keep an eye on Nick's homework and invites him along to Open Day at Weatherfield Comprehensive. Mike urges Steve not to give up on Fiona and suggests he buys a ticket for Tenerife himself. Gail is furious to hear Ken has talked about Nick's schooling with Don. Don tells her that he would appreciate a bit of support from her rather than her nagging and accusing him of being a bad influence on Nick all the time. She apologises to Don and assures him she does appreciate him. Derek catches Roger gazing into Mavis's eyes when he calls home. He accuses them of being lovers. Mavis has to stop Derek from hitting Roger when Roger accuses Derek of behaving like a swine. Mavis tells Derek the only way forward is for him to resign and never see Angela again but he refuses.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Is Mavis and Roger's relationship as innocent as it seems?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 17,020,000 viewers (5th place - combined figure including repeat).
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