Samir asks Deirdre to give Tracy time to come round. Jim is furious to receive a postcard from Steve in Florida. Curly hears of interviews for food store chain Soopascoopa. Emily is shocked when Deirdre tells her that she's marrying Samir. Roger Crompton is stunned to be given a lift to the art show by the Mayor and Mayoress. Rita enjoys seeing his reaction but is nervous of the exhibition as she feels out of place. Alf is warned by Councillor Jerry Hindmarsh that there are going to be big cuts made at the Town Hall. Audrey is bored by the show and drinks in the Limo with Brian Bowes. Soopascoopa are impressed by Curly's CV and offer him an interview for a manager's job. Ken forces himself to congratulate Deirdre before warning her against marrying Samir, saying it's obvious they're only marrying to keep him in the country. He suggests it's all a reaction from what's happened between him and Denise. Deirdre is furious and throws him out. Alf sees Audrey laughing and flirting with Brian.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Fun and frolics are on offer at the library art exhibition. But who is caught out with whom?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 17,140,000 viewers (6th place - combined figure including repeat).
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