Maud accuses Reg of selling the shop to force her into decay. Maureen refuses to let her make her feel guilty and swears she'll work the shop alone. Mike gives Deirdre a lift to Manchester Airport and tells her to fight for Samir and offers her money if she needs it. He also gives her the name of a good solicitor. She collects Samir from the airport when he is released. Maud feels guilty about letting Maureen cope alone. Raquel is touched when Sarah asks to be a bridesmaid. Samir feels it's only a matter of time before he's deported but Deirdre urges him to be positive - they'll fight this together and win. Although initially suspicious, Maureen is pleased when Maud apologises and takes over at lunchtime. Maureen has a break and is amazed on her return to find Maud has employed Sally to help out 5.30-8.30 every evening to give them all a break although she is pleased at the arrangement. Maud confesses to Sally that she hopes they will change their mind about selling when they see how good a worker she is. Emily feels that Deirdre's going to end up getting hurt but realises that, like a mother, she's got to let her make her own mistakes. Samir tells Deirdre he's fed up of being treated as a criminal; it would never happen in Morocco.


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