Derek changes his diet to cleanse his body. Denise is exhausted and uncomfortable with stitches. She and Ken decide to call the baby Daniel. Ken asks Mike if he can buy No.1 for his new family but Mike is jealous of his son and tells him he intends to rent the house out. The Duckworths are stunned when Cliff's wife Elsie turns up to collect him. Vera is hurt that he led her on, telling her he'd married a Vera whilst Jack worries Elsie will get all his money. Vera feels her Duckworth is better than Elsie's. Raquel and Curly throw an engagement party. Des decides at the last minute to attend. Derek stuffs himself with food behind Mavis' back. Raquel is astonished when Des tells her she mustn't marry Curly as it would be a mistake. She tries to ignore him but he keeps at her, telling her she doesn't love Curly. He asks her to marry him instead. She explodes and tells Curly to throw him out but realises he's right; she doesn't love Curly. She tells Curly he's the nicest man in the world but she can't marry him.


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