Jack is stunned and horrified when Tricia starts work at the Rovers. Audrey steals Alf's speech for the opening of South Weatherfield Leisure Centre and rings the organiser to say Alf can't attend so the Mayoress will, slightly earlier than arranged. Norris calls on Mavis when she's alone to try to get her side of the story but Derek arrives and throws him out, accusing him of intimidating Mavis. Vicky and Bet meet with Dr Carr who admits Vicky will probably fail some exams. Bet is stunned to learn Vicky isn't very academic and would probably not get into University. Vicky refuses to sit her exams. Raquel is uncomfortable when Tricia tells her about her past relationship with Curly. Fred escorts Audrey to the leisure centre which she officially opens, using Alf's speech which is full of inappropriate remarks personal to Alf. Bet is amazed that Vicky isn't as bright as she always assumed she was just because of her accent and education. Alf and Betty are horrified to arrive and find Audrey opening the centre before them. Audrey and Fred make a dash for it, leaving everyone else to sort the mess out. Sean takes Liz for a drink and enjoys being close to her. Audrey tells a furious Alf she'll embarrass him further if he doesn't let her meet the Princess.


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