Mavis accuses Derek of only being after revenge on Norris. He is staggered when she admits she was wearing court shoes when she had the accident. Sean pursues Steve again for his debt, making veiled threats. Raquel is amazed to hear Tricia's tales of how Carl Armstrong used to beat her up. Mavis returns to work as she's sick of pretending she's injured. Alf tells Audrey and Betty he's sick of the mess - he's staying at home and they can go together as Mayoress and friend. Vera befriends Tricia when she hears her husband used to knock her about. Alec rings up when he hears Vicky's news and blames Bet. Vicky goes to Southampton to put him straight. Don introduces Josie to Gail and Audrey who are intrigued to see him with a woman. Sean calls on Liz at the shop whilst she's sorting out late at night. She is alarmed when he tells her he fancies her and makes a pass at her. He kisses her but she pulls away and tells him she gets paid to work for him, not sleep with him.


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Raquel Wolstenhulme: "I'm forever apologising. If you tread on my foot I'll say I'm sorry. Like I've no right to be there at all really."

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