Episode 3837
Production code P694/2837
ITV transmission date 31st March 1995 (Friday)
Story associates Marina O'Loughlin
Julie Rutterford
David Millard
Writer Adele Rose
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Brian Mills
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 29th March 1995
Next episode 3rd April 1995


Reg is convinced he will lose his job when the Americans take over. Tracy comes out of the coma and is very confused. Gail calls at the hospital and tracks Cathy Power down. She is surprised when Cathy shows no remorse. Cathy explains it was just one of those things and she doesn't want her boyfriend to find out. Gail is amazed by her lack of feelings of the subject. Ken lets Deirdre stay at No.12, planning to move in with Denise for a while. Vicky gives Steve a cheque for £2,000, saying she wants weekly figures and a chance to do some PR work. Denise refuses to let Ken move in with her. Gail tells Martin she finds it shocking that the woman who's wrecked their marriage could barely remember it happened. She tells Martin that it still matters and she's still going through pain over it. Emily and Deirdre are reconciled and admit they've missed each other. Reg celebrates when the Americans pull out of the deal. Ken discovers that Denise went out with Jon when he babysat for her. He accuses her of being selfish and bloody-minded. He feels he was stupid to get involved with her and tells her that he intends to see a solicitor about getting full rights to see his son.


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