Episode 3840
Production code P694/2840
ITV transmission date 7th April 1995 (Friday)
Story associates Marina O'Loughlin
Paul Marquess
David Millard
Writer Sally Wainwright
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Colin Cant
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 5th April 1995
Next episode 10th April 1995


Tricia and Jamie rip the "For Sale" sign down from outside No.1. Vicky considers doing a Business Studies course at the Technical College. Samir feels in the way and Tracy won't want to see him. Alf doesn't know where the French Mayor is to stay. Vicky tries to get Steve to change the name of the business as his advertising is terrible. He is annoyed by her interference. Alma urges Gail to see a counsellor who might help her to cope with everything. She tells her that everything makes sense when people talk to her but when she's alone she becomes obsessed. She collects her pills as she fears she'll go mad if she doesn't take them. Denise apologises to Ken for making things harder for him but tells him that doesn't mean she's going to back down and let him see Daniel. Tricia tells Mike and Deirdre that she's a sitting tenant and she's not moving out of No.1. Mike assures Deirdre he'll get her out. When Andy sees her with Steve, Vicky is forced to tell him about the money she's invested in Steve's business. Andy feels she's going to get ripped off. Denise explains to Jon that she can't bear seeing Ken touch Daniel as it makes her feel sick. Rodney considers buying Mike's Mercedes in the hope it will impress Bet. Andy asks Steve not to rip Vicky off and warns him that he's playing with fire. Deirdre and Ken are horrified when the consultant tells them that Tracy's kidneys are damaged and she needs dialysis.


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  • TV Times synopsis: While Ken agonises about one of his children, there's shattering news about another.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,770,000 viewers (3rd place - combined figure including repeat).
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