Vicky tells Steve they must try to get some of their money back. Fiona is annoyed to hear Steve was chatting with Vicky in the Rovers. Ken grows frustrated and determined that he's going to see at least one of his children grow up. Steve tracks Nick Gerrity down to his luxury house. He is frustrated when Gerrity explains everything is in his wife's name and can't be touched. Fiona is upset to see Steve and Vicky talking business. Jack buys a baby pigeon to give to Tommy but Vera refuses to let him give him vermin. Deirdre is thrilled when Ken decides to have tests to see if he can be a donor for Tracy. Vicky tells Steve that she's not going to invest anymore in him; she doesn't want to lose again. Samir feels Ken is trying to do too much to please Deirdre. Deirdre tells him she can't deal with his jealousy. Fiona packs her bags but Steve stops her by saying how Vicky keeps hassling him over her lost money. Vicky signs up for a twelve-week business administration course at the Technical College. Steve tells Fiona that Vicky looks upon him as a bad loss and he thinks she's right. Fiona builds up his ego telling him that he's going to be a great businessman. Deirdre tells Samir to keep his opinions to himself, Ken's a brave man who wants to help his child. She is disappointed when Ken is rejected as he's the wrong blood group.


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