Ken gives Denise a letter laying down his access requests. Samir feels out of things as Deirdre promises Tracy that she won't leave the country until a donor has been found and makes plans to move Tracy into Ken's flat. Denise is annoyed when one of her customers asks for Fiona to do her hair instead of her. Fiona is embarrassed. Jack looks for someone to mind his pigeons whilst he's away in Mold. Samir doesn't know how they'll all cope squashed into Ken's flat. Deirdre asks him to be a bit more understanding. Andy asks Steve not to hurt Fiona or Vicky as he knows that he's mucking them around. Steve accuses him of being jealous and being after one of them. Vera is thrilled when Tommy arrives to stay. She lets Des play with him, realising how much he misses him. Jack agrees to let Jamie look after his pigeons. Fiona is amazed when Denise leaves the Street with Daniel, telling her that she can't cope anymore. Samir tells Deirdre and Ken he's going to see a consultant to see if he is a suitable donor for Tracy.


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