Episode 3884
Episode 3884
Production code P694/2884
ITV transmission date 19th July 1995 (Wednesday)
Story associates Gillian Creswell
Marina O'Loughlin
Pippa McCarthy
David Millard
Writer Martin Allen
Designer Christopher Walker
Director John Michael Phillips
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 17th July 1995
Next episode 21st July 1995


Jack and Vera try to sell Cliff's belongings on the market. Rita can't find a replacement holiday for the Websters which is cheap. Deirdre meets tenant Roy Cropper who seems over-helpful. Alec and Vicky return from Southampton. A dealer rejects the Duckworths' gear as junk but identifies an ashtray as a storage tin lid. It is worthless but the tin is worth £350. Jack and Vera are horrified as they recall the tin as Cliff's poker bucket. Alec feels that he's successfully weaned Vicky off Steve but she tells Steve that the marriage is still on. He comforts her as it's the anniversary of her parents' deaths. Jack rushes to the junk shop in search of the bucket. He appears too keen to get it back so the junk man tells him it's been sold. Jack leaves, telling him it was worth £350. The junk man doesn't tell Jack the tin is really under his counter. Alec explodes when Steve asks for his blessing to marry Vicky. Sally tells Rita about a cottage in Anglesey which she feels the children would enjoy more. Rita is delighted to book the holiday. The Duckworths only make £27 at the market but are delighted when Curly and Des both say they'll lend them £200 each for their holiday. Alma doesn't like the idea of Deirdre being Mike's caretaker. Mike assures her that he's only doing an old friend a favour. Don tells Josie that his marriage is definitely over as far as he's concerned and he's going to ask Ivy for a divorce.


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