Stan prepares for his first day of work and even Irma is impressed by his chauffeur's uniform. Annie sulks over losing the talent contest but compliments from Jack and Lucille cheer her up. An upset Florrie snaps at the customers and Irma. She accuses the customers of laughing at her over her Irishman. Stan shows off the Rolls and gives Hilda, Irma, Ena, Minnie, Albert, Charlie, and Little Titch a ride in it. The dog relieves itself in it and Minnie rips a seat with her hat pin. Stan is sacked. Norman offers Lucille a contract as a singer but she turns him down, not being interested in show-business. Irma has enough of Florrie's bad-tempered behaviour and walks out. Florrie feels old and alone and snaps, wrecking the shop and breaking the window with a tin.


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Annie Walker: "How often does Maria Callas do a week at the Viaduct Sporting Club?


Ena Sharples: "Do you know how often I've been in a big shiny car? Twice in sixty years and I'd just like to do it once without a wet hanky in me 'and."

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