Maxine spends the night at Des' house and in the morning he gets rid of her as soon as possible. He is evasive over when he will next see her. Betty is angry that her peace has been taken. Don goes to see his solicitor and discovers that he has got rights. He tells Martin that he intends to fight Gail to keep his home. Billy fits locks on all of Betty's windows. He brings up the question of marriage but Betty feels that she's not stable enough to think straight. Gail thinks its Josie who is making Don unreasonable. The football team decides to drop Curly for a match to see how they fare. Raquel is thrilled when Leo asks her out again. This time she accepts and is pleased when he assures her that he is a nice person. Gail asks Don not to fight her but he refuses to let her take away the house. She is adamant it's not his house. Both refuse to budge, adamant that they're being reasonable. Josie thinks it's tragic that they're fighting and tells Don he could still back down and move into her house. He tells her to mind her own business. Steph turns up to see Des. He tells her that he's still mourning a dead lover. She tells him that she's split from Chris Fox, the father of her baby. Des is disturbed by her presence.


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Des Barnes (to Andy McDonald): "Yer know, the worst thing about my life, mate... is waking up in the morning and seeing what's on the pillow next to yer."

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