Episode 3915
Episode 3915 (29th September 1995)
Production code P694/2915
ITV transmission date 29th September 1995 (Friday)
Story associates Gillian Creswell
Marina O'Loughlin
David Millard
Writer Barry Hill
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Kay Patrick
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 27th September 1995
Next episode 2nd October 1995


Norris accompanies Derek on his sales round, telling him they need to re-bond. Alma advises Gail to remain calm whilst Don and Nick bicker. Bill gets angry when the police question him about the car park incident. Rita stands by Bill and the police believe him, explaining they had to follow it through. Betty is thrilled when Gordon Clegg turns up to meet Billy. Gordon admits to be taken by surprise over the news. Gordon is satisfied that Billy is a good man but wonders if he is his father. Leo tells Curly that he'll fire him if he doesn't resign. Curly tells him that he'll have to fire him and then he'll tell everyone about the attempted rape. Reg is puzzled when Leo backs off. Betty tells Gordon that Billy is not his father but Gordon doesn't pursue the subject of who was. Jack makes plans to buy a new pigeon loft. Norris buys a replacement gnome for the Wiltons. Raquel hears about Curly hitting Leo and tells him that she wishes he hadn't as she doesn't want everyone knowing what happened. Des pays out a £500 deposit on a flat for Steph. Don tells the Platts that he's seen a solicitor and they will fight it out in court.


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