Episode 3918
Episode 3918
Production code P694/2918
ITV transmission date 6th October 1995 (Friday)
Story associates Gillian Creswell
Marina O'Loughlin
David Millard
Writer Patrea Smallacombe
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Brian Mills
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 4th October 1995
Next episode 9th October 1995


Bill and Raquel look for new jobs as Bet feels the ship is sinking. Vicky and Steve return to work. He suggests that they close down and start something more fun but she refuses, saying the idea is to expand, not finish. She plans to invest her inheritance and live off the interest, their profits at work will be a bonus. The Malletts tell the Duckworths that they've put an offer in on No.9 for £24,500. The Duckworths are stunned. Des feels he's grown up and is pleased with the way he handled Steph. He tells the Duckworths that he's decided not to sell his house. Vera is furious and throws him out. Jack comforts Vera. Des gets drunk in the Rovers and takes Maxine back to No.6 for the night. Ken calls in at the Rovers to complain about the noise and ends up getting drunk and maudling. Rita considers helping Bet buy the Rovers. Eager Bet suggests a partnership and Rita gets excited by the idea.


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