The residents are evacuated to the Mission cellar as the army are called in to defuse the bomb. Ena organises everyone and reminisces about the blitz with Albert and Minnie. Florrie refuses to leave the shop and has to be carried, kicking and screaming to the Mission by Stan. The residents relive the war singing their favourite songs. The army defuse the bomb but the residents enjoy themselves too much to return home. A Policeman tells Florrie that there's an Irishman waiting for her in the Street.


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Policeman (to Charlie Moffitt): "'Ave you got any control over Granny 'ere?"
Minnie Caldwell: "No, I cannot fly under a false flag. I am not a granny. You are not to know it, but I am the last of the Mrs Caldwells."
Policeman: "Madam, you'll be the late lamented Mrs Caldwell if you don't get a move-on!"

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