The Roberts' leave at 4.30am, driven by Don. On the way there, Don gets increasingly annoyed as Audrey gets at him over his treatment of Gail and Nick. Mavis tells Derek to allow her a little pleasure and let her go on the cruise. She also tells him that whilst she's away he could run The Kabin. Don accuses Audrey of hypocrisy when she starts on about honouring Ivy's wishes. Alf is alarmed as they start rowing in a service station. Audrey accuses Don of leading Ivy a dog's life with his affairs. Don refuses to drive her anymore and Audrey is left stranded as Alf decides he must go on with Don. Kevin and Sally give Bill the back tax-money, telling him he can pay them back in installments. He accepts the money and is very touched by their generosity. Derek accepts the challenge of running The Kabin when Rita suggests he couldn't cope. Audrey hitches a lift and gets to Buckingham Palace in time but isn't allowed in as she hasn't got a pass. She is furious to see Alf emerge from the Palace accompanied by Betty who he dragged in from the crowds outside. Vicky is annoyed to discover Fiona has cut Steve's hair. Audrey swears she'll never forgive Alf for humiliating her. Alf accuses Don of ruining Audrey's day and refuses to pay his fare. Don drives off, leaving the Roberts' stuck in London.


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