Bill apologises to Sally for causing problems between Rita and her. Liz isn't pleased when Des assures her that he's taken her advice and has got a girlfriend. Vicky tackles Steve about the amount of money he has been withdrawing from their joint account. He refuses to tell her what he's been spending the money on. Josie and Don go Christmas shopping. She admits she's always wanted a bike. Gary has a satellite dish erected outside the house and plans boozy open-houses to watch sport. Judy is annoyed as she wants to watch films on it. Liz is shocked when Des tells her that he slept with Raquel. He admits he doesn't feel good about it as he used her. Liz is angry, feeling that she is the one who has been used. She accuses Des of using her to fill in between Raquel. He assures her Raquel was the diversion for her. Bill and Jim get a big job but need transport. They try to borrow Kevin's work van but he refuses as he doesn't want trouble from Mike. Liz calls round to see Des late at night. She tells him they can never be more than friends. He promises her that he won't push her any more. He tells her that he'll see Sean again about another transfer. Josie advises Don to make a gesture and buy the children presents. Andy is startled to walk in on Des and Liz. He misreads the situation and slams out of the house.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Someone is about to get the wrong - or maybe right - idea about Des and Liz.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 18,190,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
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