Audrey is thrilled to discover that Stephen is coming over from Canada on business. Gail and Alf are disturbed at the prospect of meeting him. Deirdre calls in the Social Services to talk to Jamie. He says he'll run away again if he's put in care so they allow him to stay with Deirdre. Audrey is upset when Alf tells her that he doesn't really want to meet her son as it's a reminder of her relationship with Malcolm Reid. Maud reads Phyllis' tea leaves and tells her the man of her dreams is hers for the taking. Ken tells Mrs Jeffers about Denise leaving. She warns him that he's going to find it hard having a baby and a full-time job. Maud is stunned to find she read her cup by mistake, not Phyllis's. Fiona is shocked when Ken tells her that Denise has gone off with Brian and he's going to fight her for Daniel.


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