Alma is frustrated as she can't discuss her feelings with Mike. She is upset about Ken and Denise but knows she can't tell Mike. Bill gives Jamie a lift to Styal Prison as Tricia is released. They have an emotional reunion. When Jim tackles her with the knowledge that Des has employed another assistant, Liz tells him why she really left Skinner's, about the attraction she felt towards Des and how she can't cope with his temper swings and that Des was a comfort. Jim believes Liz when she swears that she is not in love with Des and didn't sleep with him. Tricia tells Deirdre how hard prison was and how bad she felt for getting that low. Liz warns Andy that she's confessed all to Jim and now feels everything will be all right. When questioned about Stephen's father, Audrey and Alf invent a past life for her, including husbands who died young. Curly and Raquel try to match-make between Anne and Andy, having them both for a meal. At first they dislike each other but then begin to thaw. Sally agrees to look after Daniel until Ken can find someone permanently. Mike is delighted to hear that Denise has left Ken, until Alma points out that Ken still has his son, unlike Mike.


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