Norman tells Charlie that if the wrestling night isn't a success, the club will have to close and he'll be out of a job. Stan is billed as "Ogden the Terrible". Tickler Murphy backs out of taking Florrie out for a meal and takes her to the wrestling instead. Minnie gets tickets for Ena but she refuses to go. She gives the ticket to Albert instead. Annie is annoyed when Jack gets a ticket for the bout. Stan tries to back out of the match but can't. The residents gather on their ringside seats to watch the sport. The huge Ian Campbell petrifies Stan. Despite being four stone lighter than Ian, Stan is cheered on. Ena and Annie refuse to attend the match and get drunk together in the empty bar of the Rovers where Ena sympathises with Annie over her loss in the talent contest and Annie invites her to Sunday lunch one day. Stan submits in the first round after a Boston Crab and is then counted out after being thrown into the audience. Annie and Ena sing the evening away in the pub.


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Annie Walker: "I really cannot understand the mentality of a person who finds enjoyment out of watching two human beings done untold injury to each other. I swear that they are nothing more than animals."
Jack Walker: "Aye..."


Charlie Moffitt (after seeing Ian Campbell warming up): "I wonder what Hilda's gonna do with the insurance money?"

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