Episode 3999
Episode 3999
Production code P694/2999
ITV transmission date 12th April 1996 (Friday)
Story editor Paul Marquess
Story associates Gillian Creswell
Ann McManus
David Millard
Writer Martin Allen
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Richard Signy
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 10th April 1996
Next episode 15th April 1996


Vicky is pleased to see Alec but Steve wants rid of him. Alec explains to Vicky that Sunliners Travel Agency have promoted him and he'll be running the north-west side of the business. Sarah Louise is upset to hear that Martin has sold the racehorse to Fred as she thinks he'll kill it for horse meat. Martin wishes he'd never gone to the races. Bill gives Kevin the £250 and says he'll pay the rest back soon. Hilary Forrest arrives in the Rovers and demands her £600. She parks the horse in the Street and threatens to leave him unless she's paid. Bill and Martin enjoy watching the spectacle. Martin fetches Sarah Louise to see to reassure her that the horse is alive and well. Fred and Alf are forced to write cheques to cover the costs. Alec settles into running Sunliners Travel Agency on Rosamund Street after the previous manager, Harry Slater, has handed over to him. He is embarrassed when Vicky sees the shop and realises that it's a dump. Mike signs the garage over to Don. Don can't believe he's spent £43,000 on a garage and is now a boss. Jack is horrified when Alec walks into the Rovers. Alec toasts Jack and wishes him success. Don assures Kevin that his job is safe and he doesn't plan to make any changes at the garage. Don is dismayed to hear Mike offered it to Kevin for £40,000. Mike tells Alma how he wrote a bogus letter saying that the garage was worth £50,000 and left it around so Josie would see it. Alec tries to befriend Steve to please Vicky but Steve is cool towards him. Steve tells him that he can't stay at their flat.


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