Episode 4008
Episode 4008
Production code P694/4008
ITV transmission date 3rd May 1996 (Friday)
Storyliners Ann McManus
Marvin Close
David Millard
Story editor Paul Marquess
Writer Phil Woods
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Colin Cant
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 1st May 1996
Next episode 6th May 1996


Ken tells Kelly he understands that she needs to entertain boyfriends but asks her to respect his privacy. Emily decides not to tell Ken what Kelly has been up to as she doesn't want to get involved. Alec is under pressure from his boss, Geoffrey Gregan, to make the shop work. Deirdre starts with him, unsure how a travel agents works. Steve and Vicky go before the Magistrates charged with perverting the course of justice. Vicky pleads guilty, Steve not guilty. They are bailed until the Crown Court case. Betty's Hot Shot is ill so Jack and Fred worry about vet's bills. Hilary Forrest withdraws the horse from a race. Emily is annoyed when Ashley accuses her of telling Ken about him staying the night with Kelly. Emily tells Ken that she's not going to tell tales on Kelly but admits Ashley stayed the night. Andy moves in with Liz at No.11. Vicky is upset that Steve has pleaded not guilty and fears she'll go to prison for admitting the offence. Ken tells Kelly that she must be careful about what goes on in his house as he is a teacher and she was once his pupil. She agrees to be more discreet in future. Liz feels vicious towards Steve for throwing away all of his chances and treating Vicky badly.


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