Episode 4014
Episode 4014
Production code P694/4014
ITV transmission date 17th May 1996 (Friday)
Story editor Paul Marquess
Story associates Gillian Creswell
Ann McManus
David Millard
Writer Frank Cottrell Boyce
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Noreen Kershaw
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 15th May 1996
Next episode 20th May 1996


Billy is hung-over and Betty tries to make as much noise as possible to upset him. Tricia wishes she could give Jamie more treats so that he can remember his childhood fondly. She makes the cleaning job last longer so she can get more pay. Derek plants his turnips, talking to the seeds as he works. He is annoyed when Des tells him that he's growing prize turnips in competition. Des enjoys upsetting Derek. Billy tries to please Betty but she ignores him. Mavis tells Derek it's obvious that Des is winding him up and it's very easy to do so. Peter Bryant and Andrew Turner, two DSS men spy on Tricia behind her back. Raquel persuades Betty to let Billy look after the bar whilst she gives her an aromatherapy massage. Betty returns to the bar a refreshed woman and stuns Billy by kissing him in public. Kelly is on nerves as her mother, Lorraine calls to inspect Ken. She tells Kelly that she doesn't like the look of the area or the size of the house. Fred apologises to Rita for his behaviour. She tells him that she'd be delighted to go to York with him. Ken tells Mrs Thomson that she should be proud of Kelly for putting aside grand positions for the chance to work with traumatised Daniel. Kelly is pleased when her mother admits she is proud of her. The DSS take photographs of Mike paying Tricia for her work.


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