Episode 4024
Episode 4024
Production code P694/4024
ITV transmission date 10th June 1996 (Monday)
Story editor Paul Marquess
Story associates Gillian Creswell
Ann McManus
David Millard
Writer Phil Woods
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Brian Mills
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 7th June 1996
Next episode 12th June 1996


With Stephen in the country, Mike panics about the state of his workforce. To get out of meeting Stephen, Alma pretends that a filling has come out and says she's going to the dentist. The Malletts are alarmed when their front door opens and Terry Duckworth walks in with Tommy. They tell him that the house is theirs and the Duckworths now run the Rovers. Stephen looks round the factory. Vera is thrilled to see Tommy but apprehensive about Terry's return. Alec buys No.12 for £29,500. Rita is pleased to have him as a neighbour. Terry tells Vera that he's settled in a good job and wants to make amends. He explains Tommy is going to live with him from now on in Sheffield. Alma and Stephen meet. She's aware that her feelings haven't changed. Mavis wants rid of Norris but he tells Derek that he's decided he's never returning to Angela. Jack is pleased to have Tommy staying but doesn't believe Vera when she says Terry has changed. Terry assures him that he has sorted himself out.


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