Episode 4027
Episode 4027
Production code P694/4027
ITV transmission date 17th June 1996 (Monday)
Story editor Paul Marquess
Story associates Gillian Creswell
Ann McManus
David Millard
Writer John Stevenson
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Mervyn Cumming
Producer Sue Pritchard
Previous episode 14th June 1996
Next episode 19th June 1996


Alma feels that Mike cares more for the business than her. He doesn't know how to react - thinking she only wants to row. Vera is upset that Jack won't accept Terry has changed. Jack feels that Terry is only visiting because of their inheritance money. Phyllis is ill so her neighbour Lily Dempsey shops for her. Percy is caught in the middle when Lily rows with Audrey when she pushes in front of them at the shop. Norris is reconciled with Angela. Mike has flowers sent to Alma but she gives them to Martin to take to the hospital. Don is amazed when Kevin tells him they need new equipment. He asks Kevin to buy second-hand as he's spending too much money and hates the way Mike sold him duff equipment. Don gets annoyed when Mike calls on Josie after work to discuss business. Josie is furious when he throws Mike out. Jack has trouble in the pub when a thug goes to hit him over the state of the beer. Terry grabs him and throws him out of the pub, causing Jack to be grateful. Alma tells Mike that she's sick of coming way down on the list of his priorities. He tells her that he'd sell the business and take retirement if it's what she really wants. Outside the Rovers, Terry pays the thug, Dave Woods, £20 for his performance.


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