Josie confesses to Don that Mike set them up and they thought the garage was worth more than it really is. Terry is annoyed to discover that all of the £30,000 inheritance went into the Rovers. Stephen looks around Mike's factory and meets the workforce. Gary is alarmed to find that he possesses two deep fat fryers. Judy tells him that one is for his parents' wedding anniversary. Stephen is annoyed to learn Josie has left and tells Mike he can't pass the order as the work is shoddy. Stephen gives him a few more days to sort the order out. Alf is honoured by the borough of Weatherfield when they tell him that a building will be named after him. Jamie worries about how he should behave with girls and seeks Deirdre's advice. She tells him to respect girls. Gary realises that his parents' anniversary isn't for ages and demands Judy sends the fryer back to the catalogue. Tricia gets drunk in the Rovers and lays into Stephen for upsetting Mike as he's given them all a bad time. Terry escorts her out of the pub. Don is annoyed that Josie has told Kevin to order the welder. Terry takes Tricia home and she tells him that they're two of a kind, explaining her time in prison. With Jamie staying the night with Deirdre, Terry takes advantage and stays the night.


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