Mike gets Tricia to sell the reject sweatshirts on the market. Alec moves into No.12. Lily Dempsey pushes herself on Alma when Alma cleans the cafe. Alma feels obliged to let her help out. Lily is annoyed that Mayfield Court is being renamed. Audrey feels that Alf deserves a better building than Mayfield Court. She changes her mind when he drives her to view it. She tells him that she's proud of him. Mike enjoys himself on the market, reliving his barrow-boy roots. Martin invites the local children round for a barbecue. Raquel is interested in enrolling on a ten-week aromatherapy course in Maidenhead but feels it would cost too much. Curly encourages her to invest in her future. Liz breaks the news to Jim that his mother has died. He is devastated by the news and stunned when Liz says that she won't attend the funeral. Alf is stunned when the OAPs tell him they won't let Mayfield Court be changed.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Mike Baldwin sells off KBEC's seconds, while the Roberts are contemplating Alf’s immortality.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 13,870,000 viewers (3rd place - combined figure including repeat).
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