Jim gets his £4,250 inheritance from his mother's estate. Fiona accuses Maxine of picking up her cast-offs. Don wallows in self-pity, feeling he's lost everything. Vera returns from Blackpool to find Samantha behind the bar. Samantha wins her approval by referring to her as the boss and cutting Jack dead. Nick copes fine on his own and is fed up with Audrey fussing around him. Bill tries to get Jim to invest his inheritance in the business but Jim doesn't want to blow it. Des asks Claire to come away with him on holiday but she worries about leaving Becky with her in-laws. Joyce is interested in Alec and compliments him on his figure. Derek and Mavis try to convince Des not to buy the conservatory as they want it. Bill pays back the last of Kevin's loan. Gary is thrilled when Des tells him that the Wiltons took the bait and want to buy the conservatory. Liz is furious when Jim tells her that he wants to buy the house.


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