Liz asks Fiona to visit Steve and let him know she cares but Fiona refuses, saying she's not going to pretend there's a future for them. Tricia tells Sally she's pregnant with Terry's child and is desperate to find him as she feels sure he'll support her. When the conservatory is finished the Wiltons throw a little party to toast it in champagne. Nick accuses Audrey of spying on him. She tells him he's rude and she's had enough of him. Alec holds a talent night at the Rovers. Jack is aghast when all the contestants sing his Frank Sinatra numbers. Becky tells Des and Claire that if they're going on holiday she'd like to go with them. Des and Claire aren't keen. Nick leaves No.8, posting his keys through the letterbox. Percy brings his ukulele to the talent show, whilst Maxine goes down well dancing. Jack starts singing but someone pulls the plug from the PA system. Tricia asks Vera for Terry's address as she's pregnant but Vera refuses to believe her and calls her a slag. Tricia is upset and tells Vera she'll have an abortion.


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